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We make dental practices go through the roof with digital marketing.

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Tooth Profit specializes in driving targeted traffic with SEO or search engine optimization and Facebook advertising.

Ready to get started growing your client base?

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We Specialize in SEO and Facebook Ads

SEO means we’ll you rank you high in Google.

Let’s say your dental practice is on the 3rd page of Google, we’ll bring you to the 1st page.

Facebook ads are the new digital billboards that everyone looks at.

We know how to target people so dentists get a huge ROI with direct sales, additional services, and converting walk-ins into lifelong customers.

More Patients, More Profit

Facebook and Google Power

You know how big ranking in Google is for your keywords is.

If you’re a Phoenix dentist, it pays handsomely to rank for “dentist in Phoenix” and other similar terms.

We’ll get you ranked in Google.

But we’ll pour fire on the campaign and knock the white off your dentures when we combine SEO with local Facebook advertising.

improve your google rank

increase your dental practice revenue

Why choose us?

The Deal Makers

  • We’re focused on the dental industry.  We only help businesses and companies in the dental industry.  This means we have more data and precise networks to get you patients faster and a better ROI.
  • Timeliness.  As soon as you hire us, we get to work on your campaign.  We’re bringing the patients to your office, lock, stock, and barrel.
  • Straightforward.  We make everything easy to understand with summary reports so you know what’s going on with your campaigns.
  • Real Support.  We provide real, live actual support via phone, email, and SKYPE.  We don’t run away and hide behind automated voice systems.  We’re a service and we’re here to serve you.

Outsource to Us

It's Worth It

You work with teeth.  We work with Facebook and Google.

That’s where life has lead us and we’re both pretty damn happy about it.

So leave us to dealing with schema code and Facebook pixels and we’ll leave you to making beautiful smiles across your city.

It’ll work out well for you.  Guaranteed.

agency for dental marketing

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